About the Director

My name is Gabriela Rodriguez, and I am the Director of Rodriguez family child care. It has been a dream come true to open a quality home day care. At a young age I became interested in the education of children. When I graduated high school I enrolled into Santa Monica College where I took classes in early childhood education. I have always loved being around children, whether it is teaching them, playing with them or learning from them.

I was a nanny for five years before I had the opportunity to open up my own daycare. I also teach a sunday school class at the church I attend. As a child care provider I am actively involved in guiding, stimulating, and encouraging growth in young children.

Through-out the years I have learned that Child Care needs to go beyond learning. Before a child can learn they must feel comfortable in a safe and healthy environment. When the child feels safe and healthy it positively raises children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. I feel that a positive environment is needed in order for children to fully understand love, encouragement, and respect. Although it is important to teach them curriculum; we owe it to the children to understand them as an individual.



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